Blog Tour with Giveaway: Yellowstone Yondering by Karen Joy Wilks

Book: Yellowstone Yondering
Author: Kristen Joy Wilks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 17, 2020


When a free-spirited wildlife photographer loses her Scottish terrier in a herd of bison, she sets out to rescue her furbaby before he is devoured. But will she succeed when Yellowstone National Park is chock full of boiling, bubbling, and rampaging hazards (both mammalian and geographical) — not to mention a rule-obsessed park ranger whose many rescues thwart her efforts to find her poor pup?

They say opposites attract, and when it comes to Kayla Dineen and Ranger Alexander Brandt, no two people have ever been more opposed…or attractive. Old Faithful isn’t the only thing making noise at Yellowstone this season.

My Review

I did not know so many things could go wrong on a trip! Kayla Dineen had many unexpected conflicts with wildlife when she decided to stop in Yellowstone for a few animal photos. These encounters usually were funny in some way.

After snatching up the keys, Kayla turned toward the SUV and came face to face with a full grown grizzly bear.

Ursus Horribilis

The worst collision may have been with stuffy Ranger Alexander Brandt when she ignored his attempts to save her from any harm. She had to get her Scottie back when it ran away though! There were too many wolves, bears, and other dangers for a little dog to survive on its own. In her desperation, Kayla repeatedly disregards Ranger Brandt’s instructions and the warning signs around Yellowstone.

Alexander takes his job too seriously. Still suffering from a personal loss in a tragic accident years before, he is determined to protect other people at all costs. He reminds everyone that ‘rules exist for a reason’.

What was supposed to be a quick drive through the park for wildlife pictures to sell to bloggers, turned into a longer stay. Kayla was not prepared for a camping trip. All she has are her camera, a bright yellow motorcycle, some old yoga pants, a little cash. She ends up roughing it.

Alexander feels sympathy for Kayla despite her frustrating lack of respect for rules. Her makeshift campsite happens to be near his cabin which proves hilariously convenient as she frequently needs rescuing from wildlife. Kayla and Alexander begin a friendship over a couple cups of cocoa, some dark chocolate with candied ginger bits (see the yummy giveaway below), and playing games of chess and a strategic board game. They both love motorcycles.

”Your [motorcycle’s] in great shape, despite the bumper sticker.”

Kayla blinked and gave the man a slightly dramatized sigh. “Of course she is. This is how I get around. If I treat her like a lady, she won’t leave me stranded by the side of the road.”

A couple months ago, I saw another recent release set in Yellowstone. I don’t really believe in coincidence so thought it would be wise to read both books back-to-back. They were both enjoyable reads! Now I am imagining taking a trip to Yellowstone with my family.

My new motto…
“One good book deserves another!” Most of my book reviews include a suggested ‘Companion Read’ but not all.

I was impressed that Yellowstone Yondering and Desire of the Heart (Yellowstone series Book #1) by Anne Perreault explore the essential values of emotional and moral purity while dating and saving sexual relations for marriage. Ranger Brandt had planned to not even kiss any women until he kissed his future wife on their wedding day.

You may wonder why I rated Yellowstone Yondering only three-and-a-half stars if I liked it. While it is well written, the main character just isn’t my favorite type of character. But, I am excited to read more of Kristen Joy Wilks’s books in the near future.

I loved Kayla’s self-insight into where she needed improvement. She was intent on saving her dog which I get. Learning to think about the safety and needs of others was a major move forward.

Poor Ranger Brandt needs someone like Kayla to help him get out of his shell of fear and learn to live. He gets into trouble the more she stays in the park though. The question becomes a matter of who will rescue whom.

Kayla’s harrowing search for her dog leads her into a dangerous situation with a group of foolhardy park tourists. Apparently rabid raccoons, foraging bears, and stampeding bison are not the most dangerous creatures in Yellowstone!

Yellowstone Yondering is a cute and quick read. There is also a yummy cranberry shortbread cookies recipe at the back of the book. The epilogue is perfectly cute! If you have a furbaby, you may enjoy this clean romance more than I. I hope you read and review it too!

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are completely my own.

Ruth Ann’s Note
I’m sure the cooperative fantasy game mentioned in Yellowstone Yondering is Castle Panic. My family loves this fun game!


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About the Author

Kristen Joy Wilks lives in the beautiful Cascade Mountains with her camp director husband, three fierce sons, and a large and slobbery Newfoundland dog. She has blow-dried a chicken, fought epic Nerf battles instead of washing dishes, and discovered a stealthily smuggled gardener snake in her sons’ bubble bath. Her stories, devotionals, and articles have appeared in Nature Friend, Clubhouse, Thriving Family, Keys for Kids, The Christian Journal, Splickety, Spark, and Havok. She writes romantic comedies for Pelican Book Group, including Copenhagen Cozenage, The Volk Advent, Athens Ambuscade, Spider Gap, and Yellowstone Yondering. Kristen writes about the humor and Grace that can be found amidst the detritus of life.

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More from Kristen

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Kristen Joy Wilks and I am a mountain woman, married to a camp director, who lives at a remote Bible camp where we don’t have access to electricity, water, or garbage services unless we do it ourselves. Yes, it is totally possible to do all these things. But it does mean some frantic running about when the generator starts making a strange noise or the water inexplicably cuts off. As a girl I did have one or two mountain kid adventures that were perhaps not typical for the average tomboy. Such as when I rode my horse through a herd of 200 elk or when I got together with my brother and cousins to build a homemade snake pit so that we could dangle one another over it by our legs from a tripod made of logs in classic Indiana Jones style. Of course, we caught snakes for our pit!

Why do you ask?

We managed to find over twenty and it was a huge success, except for the tiny issue of me being too tall and all those snakes getting into my hair. As you can plainly see, mountain kids do have more fun. I’m now the mom of three fierce sons, six pet chickens, and a large and slobbery Newfoundland dog named Princess Leia Freyja Wilks. I spend most of my time thwarting my sons’ attempts to smuggle their pet chickens onto their bunk beds and trying to keep my husband from filling another wall of our dinning room with strategy board games. Yes, you would think that 300 would be sufficient, but there is always another one, apparently. Well, he does have a point when he insists that they are great for camp ministry. I spend a great deal of time over at Camas Meadows Bible Camp photographing the daily comings and goings of counselors and campers so that their parents can look online and see that everyone is still alive. During all that photo taking, I have seen many a shy child open up after playing an exciting game of Camel Up, Snorta, or Star Trek Ascendancy. I also write the camp blog, step in as camp mother when homesickness pops up, and volunteer at our local public schools with Princess Leia Freyja who excels at reading therapy … yep, she just flops on the floor next to children while they read, which is definitely her spiritual gift. I can also be found at 4:00AM, with a cup of Jasmine Monkey King tea, tucked under my Star Trek quilt, writing crazy stories that might sound insane, but always have a tiny hint of truth. Thank you for joining me today to see what kind of misadventures I managed to put my unsuspecting characters through.

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  1. This book sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner, and the cover is Beautiful! I will be adding it to my TBR list. Thank you for sharing about it. Have a Great weekend and stay safe.

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