Pandemic Perceptions from Around the World (Anthology) by Various Authors

No rating this time because my piece is in this book too!

Your Perception Colors the World Around You

The way we see the world, what we choose to focus on, creates the reality we live in. In the midst of a global pandemic we look at how different perceptions are dependent on where we live and how we view the situation.

Join us on the journey into insights from around the world while we read the perceptions of twenty-one different authors from Hawaii to South Africa. These authors explore the ups and downs that this global crisis has brought upon them. Each one ends their stories with a thread of hope to keep us going.

We challenge you to open your mind, your heart, and your perceptions. Read Pandemic Perceptions from Around the World and find hope amidst chaos.

Our amazing contributing authors are: Amelia St. James, Laura Shiff, Lynnea Paxton-Honn, Ruth Ann Lingwall, Michele Brouder, Amel Tafsout, Dianne McCleery, Mary Faust Smith, Rochelle Changoo, Lyla Osmundsen, AV Singer, Michelle Geel, H. Ní Aódagaín, Ryutora Takano, Pete Bevan, Abhijit Chakraborty, DJ Cooper, A. R. Maloney, Laurayne Mae, Charmaine Tan, and DC Little

My Review

I do not agree with all the opinions in this book but was fascinated by their cultural experiences that resulted in these feelings. This is a beautiful opportunity to understand each other better!

I was sad for the fears and worries expressed. This of course will not come as a surprise that these were felt but I loved seeing how they dealt with those fears. It was touching to read of different ways people found to connect with family.

I especially enjoyed reading about how families with little children coped under different circumstances. Children are very resourceful yet need to be comforted that this will all end one day. Their fears are their reality. Our hope for a future return to a physically connected society helps shape their future.

We are coming together as a loving community, showing that we are more alike than different, and we all just want love and support and family and friends and health.

I think this quote really sums up what a lot of us have experienced. If we take time to slow down, we see what really matters in life is not just quality of life but the connections we experience! These stories really satisfied my own soul’s longing for hope.


It was interesting to see how similar our thoughts, experiences, and emotions were despite the distance in where we live! The sorrows of my global brothers and sisters felt like my own. We need to remember that even though we react differently individually to this virus, we really all have valid thoughts and feelings. Experiencing each other’s sorrows and joys can turn this pandemic from a potential catastrophe into a blessing for human kind if we renew our feeling of humanity.


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