My Vision of Where America is Now Headed

Biden’s new American Families Plan that he showed on Wednesday is nothing new. This plan has been in the works for years and still has more to unveil as we get used to this new form of manipulation and force. This began years ago with Early Childhood Education which was begun as an experiment and slowly has been inching into education and family lives ‘showing’ us that experts are ‘better trained’ at taking care of young children so we have to begin early removing them from their mothers with preschool, day care, and all day kindergarten. Eventually the plan will be to remove them all together as they did in Sparta to put them in ‘professional hands’ instead of flawed parental ones. Of course, we won’t talk about the fact that the family is a divinely authored institution by God with parents officially given the responsibility and joy of raising their children themselves with God’s help inspiring them individually how to best raise their children. Must we say that only professionals are capable?! But what about the misuse of children in schools and day care that is largely hidden from our eyes by the news media for a secret agenda?! Aren’t children safer in a smaller environment with one-on-one care by those who love them?

I’ll be frank. I don’t think it is an accident that parents are seeing more dystopian literature in the market place. God can inspire whatever field He needs to to give us warning about things to come. As I mentioned in the blog post last year, Mud River Weddings, God can inspire writers to write about certain topics or include unexpected details in just the right timing, like about a previous pandemic, without realizing this. I noticed this as I read several new books in 2020!! In my thinking, we’ll eventually also head toward communal kitchens too as professionals ‘know nutrition and health better’ than the usual cook though in my experience, with genetic testing, nutrition needs an individual approach because not everyone has the genetic capacity to digest the same foods. It seems a little silly to state that there will be communal kitchens but it could happen easily with the last decade’s push for centralized smaller communities with no traveling necessary which makes it easier to control the populace and harder to escape the city in the case of a foreign invasion or natural disaster. I wonder at times why the nutritional specialists don’t understand that fats are essential to digesting fruits and vegetables and for the healthy maintenance and development of the neurological system, brain, and gut. If we are so much in need of forced help professionally why is the sugar industry not regulated and people forced to decrease unhealthy foods like overloaded sugar drinks and peanut butter or egg whites which are highly allergic to contact for other people in public?! Maybe vaccines are the cause of this increased allergens to peanuts and egg whites because they are, or were, ingredients in the vaccines. What about the human baby cells that were murdered for vaccine development (called fetal cells usually)?! Could they be causing unknown neurological disease just as was caused in Mad Cow disease when cows were fed parts of other deceased cattle?! Fertility seems to be declining too as the amount and number of vaccines increase. Perhaps the HPV vaccine is the worst with different reports and studies from around the world with new strange effects, fertility problems, severe pain and mental disability afterwards. I feel vaccine use, like food and child raising, should be decided on carefully after much study from a variety of sources including the government’s research study site PubMed and VAERS, with looking to God to direct our search and find individual answers through prayer.

The plan comes amid both a period of historically low fertility and a pandemic that has launched shockwaves through federal and local economies. Low birth rates could portend future challenges, perhaps serious, for the economy, schools, social safety-net programs and even personal wealth, which depends on factors like the housing market. Experts have different ideas on what’s driving decreased fertility, but there’s considerable agreement that lack of confidence in the ability to afford raising children is one factor. “…other parts of his agenda, like his push to spend billions more on child care, will make it less likely that parents spend time with their kids … and more likely that they are at work. That’s workist. (It) would be better to just give all the billions he’s proposing for child care to families directly and let them choose how to best raise their kids.”

I agree that money should be given to families directly or, better yet, not withdrawn from their pay checks in the form of high taxes. Unfortunately there is a current trend to look at ways to lower the tax credits for lower and middle class individuals through capping child tax credits, at perhaps only three children, and lowering and dismissing charitable funds donations like tithing, as mentioned in the previous post, to prevent churches from having enough funds to expand and help people charitably instead of relying on government handouts. Really, the best solution is, as always, individual care for their own families, relatives, friends, and neighbors, and then looking toward helping their larger community or global efforts to improve people’s conditions. I prefer giving usually through my church as their stated purpose, in essence, is to help people up but not keep them in poverty and dependence on others.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What is your take on the story?