My Fair Spinster by Rebecca Connolly

The Spinster next door…

Grace Morledge is a failure. Or so her father believes, as she is unmarried despite her many advantages. In his mind, Grace must have significant flaws to be a spinster, and something must be done about them. To her mortification, he demands she be fully examined and all her flaws recorded. And the man he chooses is the worst possible candidate of all.

Aubrey Flint, Lord Ingram, has known Grace since childhood, but he never anticipated Lord Trenwick demand he examine her for flaws. How can perfection have faults? Reluctantly, he accepts the assignment and finds far more than he bargained for, as perfection becomes more and more tempting.”

My Review

My Fair Spinster is a delightful sweet romance which, unfortunately, includes a lot of swearing. I didn’t know any of the characters or their stories in The Spinster Chronicles series. The first chapter of My Fair Spinster introduces the characters in a gathering of the ‘Spinsters’ some of whom are now married. I had the feeling their conversation would be more entertaining if I had read the previous books but was grateful for the quick overview.

I really like the main character, Grace. Her sense of self is still intact despite her controlling father. In fact, she has made friends with a group of spinsters with whom she writes a popular newspaper column. Despite her father’s constant criticism, Grace generally keeps her calm and confidence aided by her quiet mother and her friends.

Aubrey Flint, Lord Ingram, is spending time in London after finishing extensive repairs to the estate he inherited. His sense of honor urges him to visit his old neighbors, Lady Trenwick and her daughter Grace, whom he hasn’t seen for years. Grace is far more beautiful than he expected. His visit coincides with the long absent Lord Trenwick’s return. Grace’s father is determined to discover why his daughter has not married yet. Poor Aubrey agrees to assess an irate Grace for flaws to save her from the humiliating cruelty of her father’s alternative assistants.

Lord Trenwick’s plans would make Grace a laughingstock if society ever hears of it. Grace and Aubrey decide to tell the curious that he is her father’s apprentice to allay any suspicions. Grace prays her father never learns of her writing as he would end her involvement with the ‘Spinsters’ which would be equally devastating.

Rebecca Connolly’s writing is vivid with amusing descriptions and dialogue. I highlighted many amusing character interactions in my copy of My Fair Spinster. Unfortunately, she also includes quite a few swear words, similar to Georgette Heyer but with one especially strong epithet, which marred the otherwise lovely writing. The romance is clean and very heated.

After finishing this book, I read My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Cambell Allen (no swearing in this one). It is a great follow up read if you want to extend the fun with the My Fair Lady theme! While I really enjoyed much about My Fair Spinster, I recommend it cautiously because of the swearing. I will read and review some of Rebecca Connolly’s contemporary stories soon.

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are completely my own.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this! What is your take on the story?