Hydroxychloriquine as New Info Shows Useful For Multiple Treatments (Opinion)

Wow! This video, Glycobiology of Hydroxychloriquine, was more interesting than I thought it would be.

So here are a few things I got out of this video. I encourage you to watch it too!

Alkaline stops virus replication in cells so I am thinking a more alkaline or balanced ph diet may be beneficial to people in an illness in general. I wonder if those already following an alkaline diet or who were finished with a diet of that type (reduces risk of cancer according to certain experts) experienced less symptoms of covid?! I found that when I had what I now think was the coronavirus that it was helpful to eat certain foods and herbs to heal faster but some of our people needed a stronger antiviral herbal treatment the male half of the parenthood was discovering beneficial to be able to breath easier and heal.

Hydroxychloriquine enables zinc to enter cells which is one treatment (zinc) I also used in February last year with some elderberry zinc lozenges but had forgotten about these until now. Funny how writing things out can bring things back to mind and that God helped me find these discs (rolled up like a pack of Life Savers candies) before we needed them at Sprouts Farmers Market (I don’t shop there anymore because of their antimedical freedom mask policy).

In this video I learned that it is impossible to create a vaccine that prevents infection as it just lowers symptoms which is similar to what I’ve heard about other vaccines where they lower the immune system response so you don’t see the symptoms while the disease has a chance to remain (possibly indefinitely).

Fauci owns a patent on Moderna vaccine so taking his recommendations with a grain of salt is wise and I still want to see him working in an outdoor office setting to set a good non-hypocritical example!

As an antimilarial drug (#hydroxychloriquine), I wonder if it would also be effective against Zika as well. I am curious, too, if it could help carry the glucose from foods into the cells better, then would it be useful in smaller doses like occur in seltzer water as a diabetes treatment?!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this! What is your take on the story?