Further Update on my Situation

I am writing more of what happened as I now need to be seen as capable to meet my own needs to care for my health and life properly and for my kids since my “spouse” has served me with divorce papers to take away all I own (my children primarily and of course the house and any money of ours) and is seeking legal guardianship over me to have me permanently (perhaps) committed to a long-term mental health facility.

This quote below from my religious leaders upholds my belief that I can pray and receive guidance (through hearing God) on whether I should take certain meds or seek other help like nutrition and relaxation in a safe environment instead. I was able to leave all the hospitals except the first E.R. without medicines.  I received a shot there of Zyprexa by force and restraint which seemed overly relaxing so that I could hardly move my body in the bed and needed safety straps to not fall out. I want to never receive force from him or any other source again! It isn’t just to use force on anyone and especially on someone who may be pregnant even if the blood tests come out negative when the results show this does happen consistently for certain women. There are other better signs of pregnancy than forced ultrasounds too.

“…there are other harmful substances and practices that are not specified in the Word of Wisdom or by Church leaders. Members should use wisdom and prayerful judgment in making choices to promote their physical, spiritual, and emotional health.”

I am wondering why my “husband” would think he can send me to hospital after hospital seeking forced meds when the court system found no evidence of my needing long term supervision or forced meds. Perhaps his RN license has given him the sense that he knows better than other people and can force this treatment on his wife. Or maybe he just wants to wound me because of not accepting his tendencies. I will not return to him until I have seen he repents of his actions against me and against the state misusing his RN license to misdiagnose and prescribe medicines for his wife.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What is your take on the story?