Forward to Book Review of Educating by LaRee Westover

I have never written a forward to a book review before!

LaRee Westover’s new book, Educating, is not a response to Tara’s book but is remotely the complete story. She doesn’t respond to any of Tara’s accusations except about her brother’s emotional and mental state.

This is a touching tribute from LaRee Westover’s husband, Val Westover.

I have long been impressed by LaRee’s generosity in her business practices! She has freely shared her herbal recipes in her herb book, including the famous Miracle Salve recipe, and gives the most rewards points I’ve seen from a natural health company. The prices are great too!

We value being able to provide excellent products for the lowest possible price, as a product that is meant to improve one’s health is of no value if the price is so high they can’t afford to buy it.

When I saw LaRee Westover at a health conference recently, I was thrilled to speak with her. We spoke about writing our memoirs which she had felt inspired to do several years previously to her daughter’s, Tara Westover, book being published. I was looking for health books to review so asked her if I could review hers. I needed to read it quickly once I knew it was finished since they were ready for publication! This was easy since the stories were so interesting and the language was engaging!

“There are many themes in her narrative, but being different is okay stands out. “

This was not a paid review. I did receive a free reviewer’s copy of the book for review purposes! I will not lie to you that I think this book will be a bestseller! It could be if it had the same people backing it that Tara Westover’s book had. But even an indie published book can do well if it is well written! I hope that you will choose to share Educating with your friends!

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