Faith Under Attack in America and the World

Excerpts from a news article:

In some countries, unpopular faith groups were blamed for the spread of the virus or required to abide by especially harsh gathering restrictions

Most notably, China has shared its advanced surveillance technologies with other governments, making it easier for nations to track and interfere with religious activities.

If America drops the ball on defending the freedom of belief, millions of people will suffer, commissioners said.


I’m seeing a huge increase in religious persecution in the United States as well. It may not be apparent if we just look at each piece individually and not as an aggregate but it is increasing rapidly and will become a huge deal with this new presidential administration because the rights of religious people “infringe on the rights of those who want to sin” like with the new executive order surrounding lgbtq+ rights over those of religious people. To make a person’s beliefs and faith a crime is inexcusably persecutive!!

We can still love those who don’t have the same beliefs or act out on things that are results of trauma or sin but don’t have to agree with whether the actions are acceptable. To change thousands of years of beliefs and now say they are wrong is destroying an important culture. How can we stand by and let this important culture be hidden with the ten commandments removed from the public square, statues destroyed by ‘justly angry and destructive’ ‘coincidental’ mobs, God removed from the national anthem or from the pledge of allegiance and from public places like schools and court rooms, prayer discouraged and frowned on (watch out for the lion’s dens!), and history modified to suit an agenda that brings godlessness into the foreground instead of being seen as the Foundation of our Liberties, Country, Laws, and Constitution.

If you want to live in a godless society, stand by and let religious exemptions to vaccines be removed as your faith and religious experience is defined for you, don’t speak up as the charity donation deductions are lowered until the tithing seems like it isn’t worth paying to those on the borderline of serving God in this way, hide from the lgbtq police and don’t speak up about your faith deserving protection from ‘hate crimes’, let others remove your type of feelings as you hide in shame for the “destructive way you supposedly treat others because as a group our hearts are known but not individually unless you are a protected ‘minority'”, let family rights be undermined as the roles of men and women are demeaned in the church, stage, television, news outlets, and public life! We cannot remain silent nor ignorant of this trend in our world.

Note: The unprecedented media attack in the last two years on churches where their pastors, these are very few, have misspent tithing income from their congregation members, is just a beginning toward the demise of the charity deductions in income taxes. Unfortunately, there will be always some corruption in whatever industry but so far there has not been a widespread attempt to correct this. Congressional misuse of funds from donors has not lead in most cases to recall, disbarment of lawyers is rare, the pharmaceutical industry has been exempt for years from being sued and paying out for known damages according to the act of Congress in 1986 that limited their liability and made taxpayers liable for the payouts instead, and few if ever get to be seen by the vaccine court so it should be seen that there is a real need to revamp a total government and medical industry wide change if the call for tithing and charity donation reform begins. Let’s start with the top and go down from there.

As this article states, there is a movement not just to keep us from worshipping as groups in churches and temples (because online tends to reduce numbers of attendance), but to track and work on improving how to infringe on religious freedom because those with faith fight in ways to keep their other rights and not let governments nor world organizations overtake them and undermine the entire fabric of society.

Religious freedom is important and without it people are thrown in jail, stripped of their rights as citizens, forced to serve in the military in whatever capacity even as “human shields”, children removed from their families, and even death sentences enacted. My Bishop comes from a country where the Biden administration recently acknowledged that genicide was enacted on a certain population. Fortunately, for his family, they were able to come to the United States and practice their religion here. It cannot be stated enough: every religious person needs to be on the lookout for persecution and be willing and actively doing something to curb it or we will be facing eventually more legislative restrictions and even mobs like the Ku Klux Klan. No more can we let God be thrown under the table but place our faith to the test and be courageous in defending our right to actively and publicly believe in Him as we do this with love for those who do not.

One last item, letting those who do not believe slap us in the face with you are not “loving one another” or practicing christian charity if you believe the commandments and teach them or do something as God showed you to is a horrific injustice to ourselves. We can love and be tolerant but not condone and we can be loved and tolerated by those who choose to think and act a different way than we do. We can love and draw the line. We can allow others the freedom to choose their actions and receive the consequences just as we allow ourselves the same privilege to choose and accept divine consequences. It’s impossible to allow someone to touch a hot stove and say they won’t be burned. There are universal truths, like the sun rises each day and that light overcomes darkness, that do not change. Truth is eternal and God can help us know it through prayer, love it, and defend it!

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