Big Brother’s World

Excerpt from article

“…we’re in the early stages of a voice-profiling revolution that companies see as integral to the future of marketing. …marketers say they are on the verge of being able to use AI-assisted vocal analysis technology to achieve unprecedented insights into shoppers’ identities and inclinations.” (I though this said locations not inclinations) “…to buy more expensive versions of the goods they’re considering.”


I didn’t like the idea of being manipulated into buying more than I need nor having my personal info updated for me constantly without being aware or giving constant consent. The new Privacy Policies for many tech companies is shocking.


“…makes it nearly impossible for people to hide their feelings or evade [giving away] their identities.”

“…’appear’ to be doing little voice analysis on those devices.”

“…which claims to know the emotions you’re conveying.”

“The company assures customers it doesn’t use Halo data for its own purposes.” (Then for whose purposes? Bilderberg or the ‘more secret’ organization?!)

“…will be able to compare life patterns, such as when and how long family members eat meals, how long the children watch television and when electronic game devices are working — and then have the system suggest better eating schedules for the kids, or offer to control their TV viewing and game playing.”


I was surprised by some of the ways voice profiling can influence our lives by limiting our job searches, financial profiling and debt collection, in the workplace, and even the ability to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Could voice profiling discriminate against us determining our expected weight, appearance, race, income, religion, sexual preference, and more?

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What is your take on the story?