Blog Tour with Giveaway: Bartholomew by Carol L. Lester

Book: Bartholomew: Squire of the Subway
Author: Carol L. Lester
Genre: Children’s
Release Date: December 2019

Bartholomew, an intelligent iguana with brown-and-green mottled, scaly skin, loves riding the New York City subway. The underground railroad, which clatters and whooshes before it takes off, teems with people, but Bartholomew doesn’t mind. He enjoys his escape from his life in a museum exhibit and spends the morning observing other passengers.

On his ride, Bartholomew watches several Regulars and learns about their similarities, their differences, and how they interact or don’t interact with others. Bubbly Becky radiates joy, and she even sits next to Bartholomew. Fred always wears a bright scarf and sometimes hums, but he keeps to himself. Mrs. Hatmer keeps her four children organized, but some passengers are annoyed by the kids. By the end of Bartholomew’s ride, he learns about the value and uniqueness of each person.

Bartholomew, Squire of the Subway includes questions in the back to encourage young readers to explore the lessons Bartholomew learns. Carol Lester’s children’s books spark discussions with adult and school-aged readers alike. With each book, Lester seeks to influence and shape lives, young and old.

My Review

I’m glad I read this book with my kids. The message behind Bartholomew provided a good opportunity to talk with my kids all though briefly.

We talked a bit about how it would feel to have people avoid you and what they could do to help others. I remember advice my mother gave me when I was a child. We moved a lot so I needed to work at making new friends. She told me to look around for someone who was lonely and befriend them. I believe this practice helps us be more sensitive to other people’s feelings which fosters kindness in both people.

Other potential discussions include why some people mistreat others and how not to fear differences. Also, if we are on the receiving end of mistreatment, how to get help and how to practice patience and self-respect.

I liked that Bartholomew shows a variety of people some of whom are comfortable with their identity and others who may not be. Being ourselves despite ridicule or intolerance is important. God made us so we must be inherently good.

Purchase this book if you would like to discuss important issues of kindness and tolerance with your children. It could also be a great book for helping talk about how to deal with bullying. (I love this video for children on dealing with a bully!) The pictures are cute too!

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book. All opinions are completely my own.

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About the Author

Carol L. Lester is a published author and has taught secondary English / language arts for over thirty years. She holds teaching certificates in three states with degrees in education and sport psychology. Carol lives in San Antonio, Texas, and enjoys her role writing children’s stories that educate and delight. She previously published Roo, the Kangaroo Cat.

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More from Carol

I am so very thankful for all opportunities I have experienced thus far in my life, and they have been varied! As an Air Force brat, I traveled the globe and experienced languages and cultures about which other people only dream. I have embraced those times of travel in my adult life as well. For instance, I chaperoned 54 high school students to Europe one summer, and I have served as a missionary in both Ukraine and Kenya. In years past I have taught aerobic dance classes and sign language classes, but I owned my own jewelry business for ten years, too. That involved training other jewelers and marketing and selling my line of accessories. With all those experiences, I have served people from all walks of life.

I am definitely a sports enthusiast, but college basketball is my passion, especially when it comes to the University of North Carolina Tarheels! (I am a Carolina alumnus and was actually named after the university.) I was blessed to serve as sole caregiver for my aging parents and now look forward to serving others in a new capacity as author and “coach.”

I enjoy serving as a member of the Oak Hills Church Singers, but I have been a pianist and percussionist for over 50 years. (I served as the drummer and back-up vocalist for Keith Henderson Presents Elvis in the late 1970s!) My “claim to fame,” as it were, is that I was the first female drumline captain in the Atlantic Coast Conference (1976-78).

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