An Unusual Adventure by Anne Perreault

This sweet historical romance has quickly become one of my favorite books. The characters felt so realistic and likable that I was quickly engrossed in reading about their trials and triumphs.

Relationships evolved realistically in An Unusual Adventure with a fun dose of humor. Judith is very competitive and quite a tease. Dr. Austin Harding has loved her since they were children. He enjoys her independent spirit despite the problems it leads to at times. Immediately after marrying, Judith and Austin journey with a reverend, his wife, and another gentleman to open a Christian mission in Arabia with unexpected results in this historical adventure.

There were often tense moments between Judith and Austin as a result of hardships and their individual choices. They worked to overcome the many emotional and physical challenges that threatened their marriage relationship. As all marriages face similar challenges it was reaffirming to see this idea that marriage takes commitment and leads to greater contentment and joy. God helped Judith and Austin fix their problems as He has in my marriage.

Despite the many trials they faced this is the sweetest married relationship I’ve read. It reminded me of the sweet tenderness between Anne and Gilbert Blythe in Anne’s House of Dreams.

Quote from historical romance An Unusual Adventure by Anne Perreault. He cupped her cheeks and held her gaze. “I love you, Judith.” Her cheeks turned a very pretty pink and she closed her eyes as if savoring his words. “That is much-” She never finished her sentence.

Speaking of dreams, there is a remarkable dream in this book. This dream was one of the highlights of the book for me. It was not Judith’s only dream but it was the only one sent from God. I wish we could talk more about it but doing so here would spoil the fun! Join me after reading this delightful book in my Facebook group if you are also eager to discuss this novel.

The vivid imagery and an intriguing plot that kept moving forward through an array of interesting events made this an engaging read. Best of all the book was completely clean and sweet. I will enjoy rereading An Unexpected Adventure soon!

I absolutely enjoyed this sweet romantic adventure! I’ve now read two novels written by Anne Perreault and I look forward to reading more!

I received a free advanced reader copy with no obligation to review. This review is honestly expressed. After reading this historical Christian romance I purchased my own copy as it was so good.

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