A Day Out with Seth: Halloween Books

One Saturday, I decided last minute to go to Seagull Book’s biannual sale event for women. The rest of my family were getting ready to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons together. My children love playing D&D with their dad. It motivates them to do a little more cleaning and school work. So I decided to take Seth with me on this spur of the moment shopping trip. He’s not into D&D yet.

I’m so glad I did!

The Bookstore

We got to the bookstore later than I had been planning as it took a while to get both of us ready and then into the car. But we made it.

At Seagull Book, they have a modest line of clothing they also sell in addition to books and a few housewares. The Sweet Salt Clothing line was on sale in addition to some books. So I decided to try on some of the clothes and see if I could find something new to wear.

While I was looking around, Seth was eyeing the Halloween picture books, which were nearby and pulled one or two off the shelf for me to read to him. We read a book or two and I picked out some clothes to try on.

While we waited for a turn to use the dressing room, we started reading the Halloween picture books. That was delightful! It was fun watching Seth eagerly turn the pages and point at the pictures. He especially loved the book that had the sliding windows (instead of flaps).

We eventually made it into the dressing room. I was surprised he was much more patient than I expected. He was eager to help me get out of there but waited.

As it was the week before General Conference, which our family loves watching together twice a year, I was also looking for a fun coloring or activity book for my two youngest to enjoy while we watched Conference.

General Conference

General Conference is a meeting that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds twice yearly, where the Prophet, his counselors, the 12 Apostles and other leaders, including women, of the church, speak. They generally speak on things they felt inspired that the Lord wants us to know. There’s always uplifting talks that inspire me to be a better person. I find my daily life is better as I listen to their words and try to follow them. These words are especially meant to help us become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

My family has some traditions of watching General Conference together on tv, eating snacks, playing listening games, and having fun in between and after each session of Conference. The kids often have fun coloring while listening and sometimes take notes. I like to look for something fun for them to do.

So this Saturday, Seth and I also checked out the coloring books at Seagull Book. Seth was ecstatic when we found a Paw Patrol coloring book. He also found a My Little Pony one he knew his sister Rebekah would love. Of course, we also bought some other books too! I probably spent more than I should have (if it’s even possible to spend too much money on books).

As we head to the checkout stand he saw the Utah Truffles, chocolate bars and of course realized it was some kind of yummy treat. He gleefully gave me one to buy. Luckily, there also happened to be freeze dried strawberries and yogurt there. Looking at books and reading all of them to Seth was not in my plans so we had missed lunch and were starving! We got some of both for our snack and some for Joseph to who is currently a missionary in Bolivia.

More Fun with Seth

Our next stop was the health store for some supplements followed by a stop at the library to drop off books. We finished our day out together at the grocery store. Seth loved looking at the pumpkins. To my surprise, he picked a cute little bumpy pumpkin. He was so thrilled with his small pumpkin!

As I began pushing the bulky blue race car shopping cart, I realized the sales ad in front of me was wet. Thankfully, it was just from the day’s rain. I remembered with a start Seth hadn’t been to the bathroom since leaving home. We ran to the bathroom…and returned two more times during our relatively short trip.

The toilet decided to start flushing repeatedly while he sat on it. He was mildly annoyed but really objected to me covering the sensor with my hand. Just weird behavior on my part, right? The worst toilet I’ve ever seen though was the one off the side of a road in Kansas a few years ago. It sounded like a jet airplane taking off. My young daughter still doesn’t like flushing toilets. Potty training fun!

I really enjoyed my day out with Seth. He just makes the day special. Sometimes It’s harder taking him places, especially if I’m feeling tired or have less energy that day. But he more than makes up for it with his sweetness and enthusiasm for life. He helps me enjoy life more!

Update: Seth’s favorite part of General Conference was watching for the prophet, Russel M Nelson, to speak. He kept asking if different speakers were the prophet! When Pres. Nelson finally spoke, Seth excitedly exclaimed “My prophet!” Yes, Seth, I love our prophet too because he teaches me how to be more like Jesus 😊

I chose to compare prices between Seagull Book and Amazon. Prices noted below are accurate as of writing this article. Check prices first if making any purchases.

Seagull likely will have a different set of fun Halloween books in stock in future years.

I highly recommend checking out the clearance books at Seagull Book too! They include sweet romances, suspense/thrillers, middle grade novels, faith nonfiction, Christmas stories (more to come I’m sure), and picture books.

Seth’s Favorites of the Halloween Books – October 2019

#1 Halloween ABC’s (Little Golden Book) (board book) by Sarah Albee, Newer golden book version illustrated by Julia Woolf

I was delighted when we started reading this book to find it was the same as our old golden book just with updated illustrations. I have loved reading our old copy to all my children. The captions on each page have a fun rhythm. There are only one or two pages where the rhythm seems forced. All of the letters of the alphabet follow traditional phonetic pronunciations except ‘A’ and perhaps ‘X’. The older golden book is probably my favorite edition though because of its illustrations. There may be a little change in text between versions but the text seems mostly true in the newer edition to what I remember.

Seth enthusiastically endorses this book with an “Again! Again!”

Seagull Book

*Surprisingly it looks like Amazon doesn’t have the board book format yet

Amazon (New Golden Book hardcover picture book)

Amazon (Old Golden Book hardcover picture book)
$2.49 (marketplace seller so prices will vary)

#2 Slide and Find Spooky (board book) by Roger Priddy

Seth enjoyed sliding the little windows back and forth. I love the sliding windows instead of flaps that lift. We have lost most of the flaps on our board books due to curious little readers. I’m not even sure I read very much of this to him as he was having so much fun looking at the hidden pictures. The concepts in the book are seem just right for a child aged 18 months to 3 or maybe 4 years old.

Seth endorsed this book with a cheerful “Creepy!” when he saw it again. I think he also loves the ghosts and skeleton cover.

Seagull Book


#3 Runaway Mummy: A Petrifying Parody Hardcover (picture book) by Michael Rex

This was so much fun to read as it is a well done parody of Margaret Wise Brown’s The Runaway Bunny. There are a couple hilarious illustrations that remove any doubt this book is fashioned after The Runaway Bunny. Seth listened well.

Seagull Book

$4.96 (marketplace seller so prices will vary)

#4 Hooray for Halloween (Curious George Goes to a Costume Party) by Margaret Rey (H.A. Rey creator of Curious George)

Who doesn’t love Curious George? We have read this story before but with a different cover. Both covers are shown here according to version sold at each bookstore.

Seagull Book

Amazon (older version)

#5 Spooky Pookie (Little Pookie) (board book) by Sandra Boynton

We love Sandra Boynton’s board books. But we’ve noticed some of her books are great and others just so-so. This is one is tolerable. The long list of costume possibilities is slightly tedious but the pictures are sweet. It is similar to Spot’s Halloween. Since we really love Night Night, Little Pookie, this book naturally had a little more charm for both Seth and I.

Seagull Book


**My Favorite: And Then Comes Halloween (picture book)by Tom Brenner (Author), Holly Meade (Illustrator)

I liked this book a lot. The story is a nostalgic telling about fall and getting ready for Halloween. There isn’t much about Halloween night in the book which was all right with me. The pictures are charming.

Seth listened well to the story. He didn’t seem enthusiastic nor bored. It is probably best suited for a child between five and eight years old but okay for a toddler who listens well to a little longer narratives.

Seagull Book

$16.99 hardback (paperback costs less)

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What is your take on the story?